Sunday, 22 August 2010

Beat Down To Your Soul

Sorry I've been a little 'offline' readers, the recent events of summer have really taken over the last few weeks. What with the long school holidays, a trip to sunny Tuscany and a big blow-out weekend at the first ever Vintage at Goodwood festival, I've been far from desk-bound.
The festival left me physically jaded to say the least, although it fuelled me with great style inpirations. From music, bands, artists to clothing , make-up and accessories, the weekend was full of cool glamour in a good old fashioned way , just like things used to be before commercially driven sterile style became the way modern folk dressed. So what was I going to pack to fit in with this dapper lot? Granted, I have a wardrobe full of vintage glamourous frocks and accessories kindly donated by my best friend ,a vintage enthusiast but was that going to see me through a wet and windy weekend in a field down in East Sussex? After a horrifc Bestival experience two years ago, I was fully aware that you just go for protection and leave the fashion at home at this type of event, but this was different. It was all about style and substance. So in the bag went the frivoulous and fancy forties dresses, heated rollers , red lipstick and nail varnish to show willing and then leather trousers, heaps of knits and wellies to be practical. It wasn't until the last minute I realised I didn't have any suitable outerwear. My coat wardrobe consists of chic beige trench coats, vintage furs and a tiny kids kagoul. So I found myself on a trolley dash to TK Maxx where I quickly found a cute navy Edina Ronay duffel coat for just thirty quid. Sorted. And needed. And it did rain, so out came the leather trousers ,rapidly slipped on in our tiny pop up tent with whatever else I happened to be wearing. Which happened to be a grey and white stripy top. With the navy duffel thrown over it all I had unwittingly created a 'look' for the weekend! 'Are you a Mod? ' asked one pillar of mod society, as I dashed to the loo. Well, not really but hey, how about a post-modernist Beatnik-type that just threw these items on in haste so as not to miss another classic track in the Soul Casino club? And well, I am quite liking it, the Beatnik look, that is. Once autumn hits I am going to channel this look with gusto and maybe indulge in some of these sixties inspired new pieces for the coming season.
Top right: Duffel coat by Proenza Schouler
Bottom left: Hat by Ted Baker