Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mickey Take Fakes

Street-spotted at the S/S 13 shows

Many of today's fashion trends start from being spotted on cool city sidewalks and areas that surround the international fashion weeks. Check back to street snappers and blogger's reports from Spring/Summer 2013, and you will notice that behind the fashion scenes there was a small rush of sweatshirts and tees emblazoned with mis-spelt-but-the-same-font of top international fashion brands.  Sported by a few of fashion's elite personnel, a crowd who usually are styled and trend perfected to within an inch of their lives, and who are also well versed in the knowledge that images of themselves casually crossing the road, invite in hand, will be beamed around the world for fashion industry insiders and fans to peruse, judge and almost certainly copy.
So doesn't it seem funny that within this bunch, whose every fashion choice is scrutinised, that there are a few who would rather wear a misappropriated version of a designer logo than the real thing?
The Style Eye set to work to discover who was behind the 'Mickey Take Fakes' ....

Celine? No, BLTEE by Brian Lichtenberg

Our search led us first to Brian Lichtenberg, who has been pumping out the 'Homies' jumpers, T-shirts and knitted beanie hats, and if you didn't go to Specsavers,  could easily be mistaken for a piece of original Hermes. The Style Eye's personal Lichtenberg favourite would have to be his take on the Celine branding and logo,  'Feline - Miaow' sweatshirts & hoodies.

Benzo Bronx by C.O.I

Casual wear brand Conflict Of Interest are also producing a small range of T-shirts that also fit into this latest trend genre. Miu Miu, Kenzo, Balmain, Jil Sander, Givenchy and Bottega Veneta all get a comedy makeover courtesy of C.O.I. 'Benzo - Bronx' is a nice take on the recent fad for the Kenzo branded tiger knitwear and sweat jumper range. The creators have applied much attention to detail to recreate a Mercedes Benz front grille which cleverly imitates the popular Kenzo original version. 
With brands like Brian Lichtenberg seemingly getting away with producing and selling these versions, then there is probably room to create your own take on a designer brand classic, Chanel-esque 'SuperChic' anyone? 

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