Monday, 8 July 2013

You've Been Asking....

Campana Brothers x Melissa
From celebrity hairdresser's girlfriends to polite people on the early morning train, many of you have been asking about this bag. So here's a heads up on my Campana Brothers for Melissa white basket.
I was given it in 2005 by a friend who owned a fashion boutique in East London. He stocked the matching shoes, and he gave me the bag as I believe he had a few given to him for promotional purposes.
I decided to revive it from the top of the wardrobe late last summer as it seemed the perfect bag for a day trip to Whitstable, as you can throw in purse bags, clutches, make-up pochettes and Institut Esthederm sun protection with ease. The plastic irregular lattice work allows for hanging extra bits, like a Pucci visor and sunglasses, as seen here. The lattice work reminds me of Humberto & Fernando Campana's iconic Blow Up fruit basket which is produced in Italy by Alessi. The shape of size of the bag, are not commuter compliant by any means, but then neither is Chanel's SS13 Hula Hoop bag, yet they have been spotted in fashionable towns and cities too.
Baskets seem so right for now, and this one in a modern plastic from a pair of cult designer brothers gets no better. Search the web, you never know if someone is willing to part with theirs, although they'd be silly if they did. In my opinion this bag is a modern classic.