Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why Have Cotton? When You Can Have Ethical Silk.

Peace Silk and Nottingham Lace Teddy
 Indeed why not? With the constant price rise of cotton, buying silk seems more cost effective at the moment (should one take into account the cost-per-wear value and luxury investment equation) And what better in this organic-aware era than Ethical Silk. Also known as Peace Silk -  which eschews the old tradition of boiling a silk worm alive to extract the silk by letting the worm emerge from it's cocoon naturally before weaving. Lingerie label, Ayten Gasson has designed a small collection of vintage inspired lingerie using this new method of silk production. And as a double whammy of enviromental awareness she has trimmed these delightful pieces with reclaimed Nottingham Lace. Gorgeously sexy Tap Pants, Camisoles and Teddy's that not only make you feel good about yourself when wearing them, but also eases your conscience as no worms have been killed on your behalf and you have saved the enviroment just a little,  as the lace trims needed no new materials or new energy to produce. Now, that is another good reason why I would rather have silk.

Peace Silk and Nottingham Lace insert Tap Pants 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Little Bow Pumps

Louboutin studded kitten heels

Where it all began, at Balmain

Poppy shoes by Isabel Marant . Re-issued for Spring 2011

My fascination with the 'Little Bow Pump' started back in the Autumn of 2009 when Balmain showed their sparkly mid heel court shoe on the catwalk. A year later Isabel Marant showcased her Poppy Bow pumps and they were an instant sell-out as soon as they hit the stores in 2010. Since then Marant has re-issued the style for this spring and I am still obsessesed. If you, like me are, tired of the too high and fierce still styles so popular this season then this is the perfect little shoe for you this spring. A kitten or mid-heel delicate pump topped off with a neat bow detail will see you through from day to night without even so much of a back ache or foot arch pain. Girly but still smart - this shoe can get plenty of miles out of your wardrobe. Wear with skinny turn-ups to show of a slim ankle or with short shorts for a chic not slutty look and obviously fantastic with calf length or shorter dresses and skirts. For those of you who still fancy rocking it a tad fierce should check out Louboutin's black studded kitten heel.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bags Of Style

Lanvin Hot Pink Mini Pop
Back in January of this year I penned on this here blog a post entitled 'Day Bag Detox' and talked about how much simpler life would be to just carry around one little Hermes Constance bag. I feel that this is the direction handbags are moving towards right now. Just take a look at the selection of small, smart but sassy perfectly crafted shoulder purses out there on the market at the moment. From YSL, Lanvin, right down to the high street there is a neat little leather bag with a long strap out there that will sit nicely on everyone's shoulders. I am particularly fond of my tan leather Jane On A Chain by Marc by Marc Jacobs - its a nod to the iconic Constance without the waiting list and price tag. It's basically a wallet/make-up bag combo with still enough space for an i-phone and set of keys that also looks fresh and modern for Spring 2011. I prefer to wear mine on one shoulder for a ladylike look as opposed to a cross body ( I'll save wearing like that for festivals and general jumping around ) Day to day I can manage with just a few cards, coins and lipstick in my bag, although on occasion I will need to perhaps cart a few extra items around with me. So an old Le Sportsac shopper comes in handy on those days, although I really had my eye on another 'it' bag style of the season - the now sold out Jil Sander Market bag in orange. Fabulously on trend in style and colour and toted by international fashion editors who gave it their seal of approval early this spring. So my prediction this summer is to carry one of both. A cool neat little handbag and a trashy looking shopper, for a fun juxtapostion in style (n.b. pick a shopper that will fold up when not needed like say the classic Longchamp Le Pliage) Why have one cool bag when you can have two?  
Pair your Mini Pop with a eye-popping Jil Sander Market bag