Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy, Amy, Amy,

This afternoon the life of Amy Winehouse came to end while at her home in North London.
The cause of her death at time of writing is still unexplained.
Although, there is little need for explanation as to why the passing of Amy Winehouse is a huge and saddening loss. Her vintage vocal style fused with modern day lyrics made Amy a refreshing and unique artist in a world heaving with manufactured over styled pop.
Her fashion image was a frank as her no-holds barred writing style. Just doing her thing, even if she did in the end become a caricature of her own image. But, to the fans and fashionistas on the street, Amy reminded us back in 2007 that a flick of retro liquid eyeliner and a bit of a sixties bouffed pony tail or half-up half down hairstyle could look cool and modern again. It also renewed our interest in silhouettes and styles of fifties and sixties. Waspish waists with bundles of cleavage and wiggly hips became Amy's signature style that had the fashion world appreciating and emulating in the Back To Black era.
An untimely death at aged just 27. Amy now joins the list of music legends who also lost their lives at this young age. Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and the Jims -  Hendrix and Morrison, all famously lead a  rock and roll lifestyle which sadly lead to a rock and roll death.
R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse - Amy, Amy, Amy

Trunk Treats

Whats the best thing about summer holidays?  Relaxing time away from home? Guaranteed sunshine? Decent food and wine? or how about a little Trunk Treat?
Everybody needs a Trunk Treat just like they need a rest from day-to-day drudgery at least once a year.

Snakeskin belt by Aspinal of London
 A Trunk Treat is a little gift or surprise that you secretly hide in the suitcase and present once arrived at your destination. Oh, but I hear your we need another excuse to go gift-shopping for our holiday companions when we already have enough expenses  what with the annual round of Hatches, Matches and Dispatches already draining our pockets each year. This I do understand, although these gifts need not be anything too extravagant or pricey..more of a sentimental or suitable gesture. Trunk Treating started in my household with little treats thrown in the Hello Kitty rucksack for my daughter and then I moved on to myself. With enough summer clothes and shoes to fill a warehouse, I never feel the need to splurge on a holiday capsule wardrobe, although I am always longing for something new to bust out abroad, as a reminder of why and where it was bought for. This summer I feeling a whip-thin snakeskin belt would be perfect for wrapping around a one-piece swimsuit to get 'The Lanvin Look' whilst glamming it up poolside. Or a totally indulgent sun care product like Institut Esthederm's Adaptasun. Or possibly a new fragrance or candle for evocative memories of summer sunshine. Or a good book? Helmut Newton's Photofile by Thames and Hudson is a perfect quick read with lots of gorgeous and inspiring photographs to browse.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Go With The Glow

There is an urban myth that usually surfaces at this time of year. The one where folk believe that they can only look glowing and healthy if they have a bronzed and tanned complexion. As a 'sun-shunner' I am always looking for ways to 'glow with it' regardless of skin colour. In the long term, I believe staying out of the sun will have positive effects on the skin and a tan is just an excuse. One of my many personal pep-up philosophies is 'Stay out of the sun - for best results in the long run'
My advice for getting a good glow is very simple - Preparation and Protection ....
So lets talk about this....
Preparation. In the morning, gently cleanse the skin with a mild creamy cleanser. Try Trevarno's Rose & Jojoba Cleanser. (N.B. this preparation is also useful as a quick get-in-from-work wipe over to take away the dirt build up of the day) Twice a week follow this step with a mild facial scrub followed with a spritz of rosewater. Boots Botantics range includes a good rosewater for just a few pounds. Then splurge on good skin creams and oils.
Protection. Follow on from the rosewater spritzing with a high factor sun cream. I swear by La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 plus melt in cream. Its is also available in a tinted version for those who love a little base colour or have darker skin tones. Follow with a drop of facial oil, massage in to really get that glow. The best ones aren't cheap but they are very effective and you only need use a drop or two to get a healthy complexion. Try Natura Bisse's Rosa Mosqueta Oil or Rodin's Luxury Facial Oil.
Follow with your usual make-up routine and then girls, you're good to glow!
Luxurious and lush. Rodin Olio Lusso