Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy, Amy, Amy,

This afternoon the life of Amy Winehouse came to end while at her home in North London.
The cause of her death at time of writing is still unexplained.
Although, there is little need for explanation as to why the passing of Amy Winehouse is a huge and saddening loss. Her vintage vocal style fused with modern day lyrics made Amy a refreshing and unique artist in a world heaving with manufactured over styled pop.
Her fashion image was a frank as her no-holds barred writing style. Just doing her thing, even if she did in the end become a caricature of her own image. But, to the fans and fashionistas on the street, Amy reminded us back in 2007 that a flick of retro liquid eyeliner and a bit of a sixties bouffed pony tail or half-up half down hairstyle could look cool and modern again. It also renewed our interest in silhouettes and styles of fifties and sixties. Waspish waists with bundles of cleavage and wiggly hips became Amy's signature style that had the fashion world appreciating and emulating in the Back To Black era.
An untimely death at aged just 27. Amy now joins the list of music legends who also lost their lives at this young age. Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and the Jims -  Hendrix and Morrison, all famously lead a  rock and roll lifestyle which sadly lead to a rock and roll death.
R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse.

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