Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trans-Seasonal London Style

The final part in our 'Trans-seasonal style' here at The Style Eye, ends with how London 'does' Trans-style. And we should know about this better than anyone else in the world, as we often witness spring, summer, autumn and winter all in one day! We look for inspiration from the fashion forward folk at London Fashion Week taking on the unstable British weather conundrum. A few rules for September 2012 style ; socks, tights even opaques should be standard for daytime. Layering knits and sweatshirts over neat white collared shirts keep the chill off while still remaining on trend. 

Love the way that Ms Duma is rocking an oversized Balenciaga sweatshirt as a mini dress with a little shirt collar beneath.
 Images taken from Topshop Tumblr.

White collared shirt and oversized knit. Socks and court shoes are a cute touch whilst the clear plastic shopper are saying a late blast of summer could still be on the cards.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Trans-Seasonal Beauty

Chanel Lumiere D'Artifice
It's not just clothing that needs a re-think in this tricky trans time of year - make-up can also be a little tricky  too. The skin foundation that was just the right shade and formulation during the summer months seems perhaps a shade too dark or, maybe not the right finish due to the change of seasons. Findation, is a website dedicated to matching skin with the right foundation. You may be wondering how a computer screen and webpage can match a skin shade?. I thought the same until I tried the system, and by golly - it really does work! I took the test. My all time favourite skin make-up is Paul and Joe creamy matte foundation in 10. Although this summer it felt too heavy a coverage in the warmer weather. And after recieving a Guerlain Lingerie De Peau sachet, I decided I would go with this lighter formulation for the season. After trying out the Findation system with my trusty Paul and Joe as my starting point, guess what comes up as an alternative? the Guerlain in exactly the shade I was advised by the counter consultant as a perfect match. So its proof it the Findation system really does work. The fact that it's compiled by users to the site, means research is done by you and I, sharing our knowledge on which colours will work with our skin tone. The Findation website is a fantastic shopping tool, giving options in a very big world of beauty, making it easier to seek out the right brands when looking for a different finish or variant to your usual foundation. Genius!

Puuuurfect for powders.
If skin is starting to look a little less glowing than it did in the summer, then this autumn is the perfect time to invest in a luxury all over face highligher. Not for just cheekbones and brows, the all over powder is designed to lighten up the whole complexion. At The Style Eye we are loving Chanel's Lumiere D'Artifice, not simply because it's lovely light mix of golden and bronze sparkly shades, but also as it gives us an excuse to use Japonesque's Safari Chic Bronzer Brush to apply it with. The stubby brush which is dappled with wild animal markings is actually a kitten soft tool with the added bonus that it never moults. Even with the change of seasons.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Future Of Fashion

This week The Style Eye has been checking out new design talent and the future stars of international fashion at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout.
 The event is which is now into it's thirteenth successful season, is synonymous with showcasing the future  cream of new British design during London Fashion Week. Sponsored by Vauxhall, The Mayor of London and the British High Street's pioneer of natural bodycare, The Body Shop, the show has been responsible for launching a hot-bed of Great British design. Past exhibitors at the event include Peter Pilotto, E.Tautz and William Tempest, to name just a mere few. Names to watch for the future include Partick Li, Masc and Heohwan Simulation.

Masc S/S 2013

Patrick Li S/S 2013

The trend threads that run through these expertly designed and beautifully produced collections predict that the future is clean, graphic, modern and highly wearable. First time exhibitor, Partrick Li fused fine silks with woven fabrics and butter soft leathers creating a superbly edited range of separates in palette of white, palest grey and flashes of grass green. The overall feel was starkly modern but also feminine with an easy-to-wear approach. Masc, who have shown at the exhibition previously, also run with the classic, wearable garment trend. Although their unique, innovative cutting and draping techniques and mixture of fabrics bring new meaning to the simple black trouser or tailored jacket. The stand-out piece from the collection just has to be the silk jacket that is based on a traditional japanese Kimono jacket,yet also borrows styling and detailing from a formal dinner jacket while feeling as cool and casual as a biker blouson.
Leather also proves to be a popular fabric choice for next season. Either used as detailing on a pocket or a sleeve, or,  the way even that Heohwan Simulation have manipulated this fabric. Punched leather dresses with handwoven leather threads for a uber-modern take on leather hand-crafting. The result is conceptual yet highly commercial. These young designers are proof that London doesn't only produce exciting new talent to an international platform, but also collections that are wearable, and marketable.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Break Out In A Sweat

Balenciaga paves the way with the return of the sweatshirt , above, simple yet effective in plain royal blue by Acne .  

Garance in grey signature sweattop by Garance Dore for Kate Spade

It's that tricky time of the year once again when the shops are full of new & exciting autumn styles, yet outside it's still too warm for the woolly knits and fab coats available for the coming season, and where summer styles seem a little too flimsy for when the night time chill sets in. This month on The Style Eye we are outlining Trans looks, the ones that bridge the fashion gap from late summer to mid autumn. First up, this season we welcome the return of The Sweatshirt. Not only is this sporty staple an on trend item, (Balenciaga featured luxed-up versions for their A/W 12 presentation) they are also the right weight where a shirt is too fine and a knit to heavy for early autumn days. Garance Dore, the photographer, illustrator and blogger du jour has collaborated on a capsule collection for autumn with New York designer, Kate Spade. The result is an edited version of simple separates illustrated in Garance's recognisable hand. The stand-out piece is an easy wear grey scoop neck sweatshirt inscribed 'Joie de Vivre' on the front.  Sweatshirts also make a great alternative to the intarsia knit trend, which will work better once Christmas rolls around - so for now, wear a simple jersey sweatshirt with a bold choker to give interest and balance the sporty element to the garment. Matched with a new season metallic pencil skirt and summer's leather wedge sandals and quirky socks, it makes for a perfect cool meets casual daytime look for this time of year.  

Monday, 10 September 2012

September on The Style Eye

This month on The Style Eye, we will be looking at Trans Style, i.e what to wear in that tricky in-between season, where the shops are full of autumn goodies, although impossible to wear as we have been finally blessed with a bit of summer! We will also be outlining what style hits Londoners are favouring this season. And of course, as always reviews of the latest beauty products and must have make-up tools.