Monday, 24 September 2012

Trans-Seasonal Beauty

Chanel Lumiere D'Artifice
It's not just clothing that needs a re-think in this tricky trans time of year - make-up can also be a little tricky  too. The skin foundation that was just the right shade and formulation during the summer months seems perhaps a shade too dark or, maybe not the right finish due to the change of seasons. Findation, is a website dedicated to matching skin with the right foundation. You may be wondering how a computer screen and webpage can match a skin shade?. I thought the same until I tried the system, and by golly - it really does work! I took the test. My all time favourite skin make-up is Paul and Joe creamy matte foundation in 10. Although this summer it felt too heavy a coverage in the warmer weather. And after recieving a Guerlain Lingerie De Peau sachet, I decided I would go with this lighter formulation for the season. After trying out the Findation system with my trusty Paul and Joe as my starting point, guess what comes up as an alternative? the Guerlain in exactly the shade I was advised by the counter consultant as a perfect match. So its proof it the Findation system really does work. The fact that it's compiled by users to the site, means research is done by you and I, sharing our knowledge on which colours will work with our skin tone. The Findation website is a fantastic shopping tool, giving options in a very big world of beauty, making it easier to seek out the right brands when looking for a different finish or variant to your usual foundation. Genius!

Puuuurfect for powders.
If skin is starting to look a little less glowing than it did in the summer, then this autumn is the perfect time to invest in a luxury all over face highligher. Not for just cheekbones and brows, the all over powder is designed to lighten up the whole complexion. At The Style Eye we are loving Chanel's Lumiere D'Artifice, not simply because it's lovely light mix of golden and bronze sparkly shades, but also as it gives us an excuse to use Japonesque's Safari Chic Bronzer Brush to apply it with. The stubby brush which is dappled with wild animal markings is actually a kitten soft tool with the added bonus that it never moults. Even with the change of seasons.

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