Sunday, 15 July 2012

Power Tools

The old saying that bad workmanship can be blamed on bad tools, is so very true when it comes to make-up artistry. With so much emphasis and pressure at the beauty counter to get the right product it is sometimes a loss-leader if the tools if they are applied with aren't up to the job (especially the tiny applicators and tough brushes that even the expensive, premium brands supply with eyeshadows and blushers for example) . And on the other end of the scale it can be daunting when searching for the perfect brush at a pro make-up shop, too much choice possibly for a day-to-day make-up wearing citizen?
Anastasia Mini Duo Angled/Spooley 7
So for your reading pleasure, here is The Style Eye - Eye Make-Up Tool edit, outlining those hard-working power tools that every girl should need to perfect a pair of stylish eyes...
Japonesque Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush
Japonesque Pro Eye Detailer Brush
First up is the handy 2-in-1, Anastasia Mini Duo Angled/Spooley 7, rather a long name for such a little brush, but nonetheless the perfect combination for brow grooming. Use the Spooley to shape the brows into place, and the angled brush edge for a light coating of medium brown eyeshadow to refine, shape and fill the gaps. The Spooley is also an essential tool once make-up is completed. With a quick flick and twist of the wrist, The Spooley can remove stray hairs left behind from other make-up brushes without interfering with your finished master-face. The angled end can also be used to apply gel and powder eyeliners (always clean before and after if using this type of eye-liner, The Style Eye suggests a spritz and wipe off with Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner)
Apply coloured eye-shadows with Japonesque's Pro Eye Detailer Brush on the lower lids for coverage and  use the flat tip to achieve a perfect cat's eye flick under the eye and on top of the lash line. To stop any dark shadows beneath the eye which come from powers loosening and eyeliners moving southwards, add a a little of your usual face colour powder onto Japonesque's Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush and lightly brush in a smooth line under the eye. This Crease brush or 'dobber' as I informally call it, is also perfect for blending lower lid eye colours to meet below the eyebrow area.