Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tights Fantastic

So here's the rub on the tights you have all be asking me about.
Balenciaga used the Gerbe Plumetis tights in their Autumn/Winter catwalk show and I have been inspired ever since. A ten denier with a tiny swiss dot felt like the right tights for this season.
I have been sourcing mine from Tabio shops, online or their concession in Selfridges. Or try a similar version with tiny black hearts instead of dots.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Style Eye Christmas

I like to start my christmas day with all things pink and rosy.
Firstly a bath run with something luxury and indulgent. This year the honour goes to Byredo Rose Noir body wash.
And no festive season is complete for me without Charbonnel et WalkerPink Champagne truffles to graze on washed down with Tsarine rose Champagne about mid-morning. That should see me through to lunch wearing a 70s floaty vintage dress and satin ballerina pumps.
I will be on the sofa at 9pm wrapped in a vintage mink to feel the vibe of the film re-make of the cult documentary Grey Gardens.
Have a great christmas dear readers.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Chances are you will be going a bit wild yourself this week seeing as Christmas is just around the corner. Wildlife, snakes and foxes are the fashion feature this week. I am absoultely loving the gold serpent ring by Zoe and Morgan. I would love to wear that stacked with a huge cocktail ring. And their tiny Fox pendant is cute too. Even cuter though is the little Owl ring by Ugo Cacciatori. And the mesmerising diamond and ruby snake studs by Ileana Makri require lots of charming if they are top of your christmas list.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Alternative Christmas Tree

I have never been one for a traditional Christmas.
And while everyone around me is decorating their trees, I just can't get excited about something that is going to leave pine needles all over the floor, take up half of the lounge and give the cat something to attack and pull over in the middle of the night.
Although if I could create my fantasy Christmas tree it would be something like this...............

Imagine a hanging some Giles and Brother Spike earrings and a pair of gold ball earrings from Lee Angel from a branch? Better than any regular baubles and will look wicked at a New Years Eve party. Or how about the limited edition Comme Des Garcons 2 Glitter perfume. It is in my opinion a modern classic scent and this season packaged in a superb purple glitter bottle. This will bring some colour and sparkle to the tree. Instead of those red ribbon wrapped oranges that simply are a waste of an orange, how about lighting Diptyque's Oranger candle instead. The added bonus is that it is not going to turn to a sticky mush come Boxing Day. And I'd get rid of the tatty old fairy angel and replace her with a future collectors item. Barbie by Christian Louboutin is great choice for those with fetish or Gothic leanings.And lovers of classical sculpture will appreciate a Miss Lanvin 14 Doll sitting atop the tree.
Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Knitwear Picks

" brrrrr its turned cold hasn't it?"
seems to be the question on everyone's chapped lips this week. Yes indeed it has. And an invite to The Cassette Club in Shoreditch tomorrow night is making me shiver just thinking about leaving the house without my daughters pink bodywarmer, i.e the item of clothing that I have styled with every outfit this week. Lets face it though, a Reebok puffy sleeveless jacket meant for a kid ain't gonna cut it in trendy East London. It is going to have to be one of my beloved Bella Freud intarsia knits that saves the day. So this week lets look at the best of the creative cashmere out there and work out some warm but wicked party outfits so that you can put down your Down. Firstly one of my most coveted knitwear labels Kind. How cool is the pink Bonnie cardy complete with intarsia hip gun? wear that with a below knee tight shiny pencil skirt and some fierce heels and you are good to go. Or the Snake Named Irving scarf. That would look great coiled around the neck with an asymmetric or strapless dress.
At Antoni and Alison the animal print with pink bow jumper is crying out for a tulip skirt and ankle boots combo and wear their Breton and rosette number with a pair of teeny tiny battered denim hot pants, tights and some cute mary janes. Or go for that good old combination of cashmere and PVC. Bella Freud Ginsberg is God or J'taime Jane jumper, Les Chiffoniers on the legs and top off with a little vintage netted hat. And just for fun the Agent Provocateur knitted corset. Wear of course, with some stockings, heels and a fur. Tarty yes ,but couldn't resist mentioning it and it's a look that will certainly generate some heat wherever you go.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jewellery Mash-Ups

The christmas party season is already in full swing here in London. Last Saturday night Laurent and Laurent from independent fashion boutique Bread and Honey threw a fabulous night at the East Rooms in Shoreditch to kick-start the festivities. So with one event already out of bag in November the challenge is how to make that little black dress last a little longer for the rest of the celebrations still to come in December.

Cue big bling mash-up jewels. First seen a while a go from jewellery designer Tom Binns . The trend is to take multi strands and layers of classical pieces of jewellery, say a string of pearls, a cluster of diamante and mix it up with a touch of irony in the form of sterling silver paperclips and zips . These pieces from his Couture range don't come cheap so if you are looking for a necklace that nods to this trend then have a look at Mimco's Shambolic and Nouveau Drape collections.

Following on in this vibe is Italian jewellery brand Iosselliani. My picks of the collection are the clustered and stacked rings in pearls and faux gems which are pure over the top glamour for the cocktail hour.

Now we got that sorted get RSVP-ing.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Francis Kurkdjian Fragrances

The post strike here in London has left me without perfume for over two weeks now. I am still waiting the delivery of one of my birthday presents. Its no good all the while it's stuck in some local sorting office. Since the only scent left in the house is my four year old daughter's Barbie perfume I am now craving chypre. My friend Andrea gave me a tester of the new Prada L'Eau Ambree. It's very nice, woody and on my olfactory wavelength and was even admired by the chap working the till at the BP in Greenwich. Although perfume I feel should come from a fragrance master or one of those philosophical and sensitive types that have graduated from the art of perfumery in Grasse and that have their own brand to develop and create without constraints .
So whilst doing a trolley dash through Liberty the other afternoon I made a beeline for the fragrance room to spritz up and check out a new brand in store.
Francis Kurkdjian has been producing custom-blend fragrance since 2001 and has worked and created perfumes for Acqua di Parma and Guerlain to name a few.
My favourite in his pret-a-porter collection was Lumiere Noire. Fragrance notes include spicy rose, patchouli and daffodil. Hours later on my coat the drops of fragrance developed into a warm and rich smell. It brought images to my mind of how a bourgeois woman of Rome might have smelt in the early eighties.

I wonder what the sales assistant down the BP would think of it?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

What is The Style Eye?

The Style Eye is Lia Grandi fashion, beauty, lifestyle writer and commentator.