Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jewellery Mash-Ups

The christmas party season is already in full swing here in London. Last Saturday night Laurent and Laurent from independent fashion boutique Bread and Honey threw a fabulous night at the East Rooms in Shoreditch to kick-start the festivities. So with one event already out of bag in November the challenge is how to make that little black dress last a little longer for the rest of the celebrations still to come in December.

Cue big bling mash-up jewels. First seen a while a go from jewellery designer Tom Binns . The trend is to take multi strands and layers of classical pieces of jewellery, say a string of pearls, a cluster of diamante and mix it up with a touch of irony in the form of sterling silver paperclips and zips . These pieces from his Couture range don't come cheap so if you are looking for a necklace that nods to this trend then have a look at Mimco's Shambolic and Nouveau Drape collections.

Following on in this vibe is Italian jewellery brand Iosselliani. My picks of the collection are the clustered and stacked rings in pearls and faux gems which are pure over the top glamour for the cocktail hour.

Now we got that sorted get RSVP-ing.

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