Friday, 25 February 2011

Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci....

Aaaah what a tune.. that classic line is taken from the hit 'He's The Greatest Dancer' released by Sister Sledge in 1979. A timeless track from an era in which fashion and style were on the cusp of something fresh and new. A little bit like fashion now in 2011. This Spring it could be 1979 again..The fashion layouts in magazines are constantly referencing Bianca Jagger in her Studio 54 days (with or without white horse) . Fashion adverstising campaigns like the latest from Lanvin look like they could have been photographed by Guy Bourdin and his signature image of strong, vibrant and sexy woman abeit on a verge of a potential nervous breakdown . Catwalk collections by Gucci and Louis Vuitton also echo New York disco styling from the late seventies and early eighties. Fancy yourself as a modern day Angelica Houston draped in  Halston? Then gen up on the style by leafing through beautiful coffee table books by Newton and Bourdin, invest in a pair of vintage Charles Jourdan shoes, watch 'Last Days of  Disco' And finally get down to The Box for a night of dirty and decadent debauchery, the Soho nightclub and cabaret which is shaping up to be the London 2011 version of New York's infamous Studio 54.    

Vintage Charles Jourdan Shoes


  1. I;m digging your point of view~ Bourdin, Jourdan, Newton, Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci? Wny not Givenchy, YSL, and Cardin?

    All the best,
    Creator of the Charles Jourdan Shrine~

    1. Hello HG
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      Of course, Givenchy, YSL and Cardin and even a touch of Courregges, definately if I expand this story for another post.
      ps liking the Jourdans? They are diii-vine (as Diana V would have said!)

  2. Well....better late than never. Just ran across your comment Lia, and agree DV would have blushed through her blush!

    All the best!,
    Herb Greenwood