Friday, 11 February 2011

See It, Feel It, Try It, Buy It - The Vintage Shopping Debate

Dressing up and having fun at an event in Newquay, Cornwall
The other night in the pub with my best friend Joanna we got into a big debate about vintage fashion shopping habits. For those of you who aren't regular readers to The Style Eye you may not be aware that we regularly hold and host Vintage fairs across South East London. Joanna is the buyer of the stock and organiser of the events and I am her long-time loyal friend who takes charge of the on-the-day PR hosting, clothes selling and even a little bit of in -house modelling to boost sales. We work as a good team - Joanna has an amazing eye for all things vintage and picks up pieces for the collection from all around the world as she is a part-time international flight attendant. 

Showing how work a vintage look for modern times

The debate started with us asking our friend Ken if he would be interested in DJing at our event in Blackheath next weekend. 'Vintage Fair? Hasn't Ebay killed all that?' We were quick to reply and defend our labour of love. 'Not at all' we replied and then went on to describe the benefits of actually making the effort to visit a fair as opposed to sitting at home on the computer hoping that you won't be outbid by someone across the other side of the world for that retro must have. Granted, if you are looking for something specific or particularly rare then Ebay is a good start. But what if you wanted to get out with a gaggle of girlfriends, have a cupcake and a glass of bubbly to consume whilst browsing the rails of clothes and then find something amazing you may not have been looking catches your eye, fits you perfectly? Its a must have, it must be a sign from the mystical fashion fairies so you just have to have it!! Would you get that retail thrill from clicking and searching for ages late at night on Ebay? At our events we have DJ's playing in the background setting the mood of the fair ( Thats where Ken, Alan and Andy come in with their fab selection of retro sounds) And at some events, when hosted at The North Pole in Greenwich the day slips seamlessly from fashion fair into a fun and raucous live music party provided by our friends from the band Lord Large. Even our very own Joanna gets up provide the rap to Prince's Alphabet Street - her talents are endless!!
So thats why I came up with the new slogan for our events 'See it, feel it, try it, buy it'
We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events soon, for more information check the 'Dates For Your Fashion Diary' on this blog or go direct to the website at

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