Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wear With Flare

The new season is nearly upon us.. well at least it feels like it today. It's postively spring like outside, with even a little ray of sunshine shining down putting a well deserved smile on our faces. And I'm thinking about the new silhouettes and shapes for spring, how best to wear them to feel fresh and original. I have been particularly thinking about the flared trouser shapes for spring. High waisted denims and trousers are starting to filter into the transistional collections in the shops this week and  I have had discussions with friends and colleagues asking my advice on how best to wear them. Laura Craik, the fashion columnist at Grazia magazine has written off the wide leg trouser quicker than the shop assistants selling them can even spike a security tag in the back pockets. For she says 'I put on a pair of flares this morning. Then I took then off again' she then goes on to say 'SKINNY JEANS: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO'. Well sorry Laura I'm going to have to disagree with you because 'I DON'T WANT TO' With every new fashion sea change or silhouette comes a new way of wearing it, and I think this is perhaps where Ms Craik is stumbling and hastily returning to her trusty old skinnies. Time to look at things differently, how to style them and how to wear them. On the top, pretty much anything goes from chiffon blouses to skinny rib striped jerseys and I have a personal fondness of pairing mine with a sleeveless pussy bow jersey top by Sofia Kokosalaki. Though its in the footwear department I'm most interested in getting right. Many high street store publicity shots have gone for the 1970s Ali McGraw in Love Story cliche of platform raffia, cork or cord sandals. Again I'm going to have to disagree. I think this silouette demands more in 2011. And why not? we've come along way in shoe design and brands since the 70s, and we are be able to experiment  with alternative looks that are both new yet still flattering to the flared trouser. 
Above, choose Alexandre Birman's  elegant and  python trimmed  heels for detail and glamour. Below right, Christopher Kane's spring shoe styles work well with wide leg pants as well as fitting in with this spring's Geisha Girl sandal trend.

Topshop Java black velvet platformed and perfectly balanced wedges for easy day-to-day walking around town

Firstly, pick your leg length . The shortest you can get away with would be my suggestion for day-to-day wear, that way you won't have to wear too excruciating a heel height so that you don't end up with ripped and worn hems come April.  Mint Velvet are currently stocking a fab pair of bum flattering flared denims that come in three lengths (short, regular, long) giving the option to wear with a heel height you can handle. A platformed shoe is a must to balance the look, but something more glam and chic than an overstyled hippy sandal. Go for a shoe with some interest on the toe, either a peep toe to expose well pedicured feet or some front styling details so as to add a little focus to the part of the shoe on show.  Here are a few picks of shoes I believe will make a difference when debuting the new trouser shape. And, think fresh and lateral when accessorising. Whatever you do, do not top off with a wide brimmed floppy hat. CLICHE'.....

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