Friday, 29 April 2011

Our Future Queen In McQueen

Congratulations to the Royal happy couple . And the waiting is over as to what the bride would wear to stun and amaze the millions around the world witnessing this grand and momentous occasion. The silk gown was designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen. What a great homage to a great British designer. Long Live McQueen......

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Big Royal Reveal

A formal version of this Amanda Wakely bridal dress would suit Ms M to a T.

Only two more days left until we witness 'The Big Royal Reveal'. Yes, the title of my blog post this week is rather sloppy and common in a daytime -TV- meets -reality -show kind of way. The reason for this is that the majority of the masses who watch these type of shows is a fitting heading for my post acknowledging the upcoming Royal nuptials and just what this kind of audience has come to expect. A Royal Wedding is a exquisitely formal event full of protocol, pomp and circumstance and not just a free day off so we can overeat, get drunk and watch One Big Fat Royal Wedding on the telly.  The reason for my ranting is as I overheard a gaggle of gossipy girls who obviously spend hours in front of Living TV rather than just- well er- living? Said group of girls were predicting the dress that Catherine Middleton will walk down the aisle to marry Prince William. I recoiled in horror as one suggested ' I wonder if she will wear a strapless dress?' 'Strapless? Stapless??' I asked myself. I'm sorry but one can't just rock up at Westminster Abbey to get spliced with the future King of England in a strapless Vera Wang and a pair of sparkly spangly Jimmy Choo sandals. Whilst this maybe the choice of many brides-to-be on 'windows into their wedding' shows these girls are glued to nightly - it certainly would not do at a Royal wedding. Especially in a cathedral of all places. The correct protocol for bridal attire at such an occasion would see arms and shoulders covered, nothing revealing or too sexy and exposed toes wouldn't go down to well either with Her Majesty and her regal posse. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles back in '81, big bouffy dresses were all the rage - and it set the tone for a decade of copycat brides who opted for sugary, sweet meringue gowns. I'm certain that whatever Ms Middleton wears to her wedding on Friday morning ,will forward a new era in bridal wear. So what are my predictions for the style of her wedding gown? I'm guessing it will be quite simply beautiful. Silk satin in fabric, with a v-neckline (not too low) and a figure hugging draped waistline that features and accentuates her tiny waist and frame, that then falls into a skimming full length column skirt with a manageable train. And arms covered too, either with a slim sleeve or some kind of removable cape. Tune in this Friday morning and all will be revealed (except the shoulders!!)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

UK? ...ok!!

Topshop Mock Croc Vanity Case
Chanel Jade Rose Nail Varnish
Lanvin Metal-cuffed Sandals
Wow..whoda thunk it? A heatwave in England in mid April? And with a four day long bank holiday looming it kind of puts one in the mood to dash off for a few days away to enjoy this British rarity. I've been promised a trip to the seaside and am very excited. Not only of the prospect of having a couple Mediterranean style days away just hours from a drive from home. And the luxury of catching some sunshine without having to board the god forsaken last minute trauma inducing budget airlines,  and everything that goes along with it. And more importantly being able to use my new Topshop mock croc vanity case filled with lots of liquids, pastes and gels that wouldn't be allowed on the airline as hand baggage. ( This isnt a bag you check in, girlies.. it's one to flaunt , look chic and Grace Kelly-ish with) Pile in the bright and bold lipsticks that are so this season and now feeling appropriate and gorgeous eye palettes and nail varnish like Chanel Jade Rose for example - my nail shade tip of for this spring. My fantasy purchase for this weekend would definately be a pair of metal-cuffed leather sandals. I hadn't anticipated summer would arrive so early and doubt if I even had the funds available they would arrive from Net-A-Porter in time before being whisked off to the Great British coast. Happy Easter readers - have fun in the sun (but do make sure you apply lots of sunscreen!!)