Wednesday, 20 April 2011

UK? ...ok!!

Topshop Mock Croc Vanity Case
Chanel Jade Rose Nail Varnish
Lanvin Metal-cuffed Sandals
Wow..whoda thunk it? A heatwave in England in mid April? And with a four day long bank holiday looming it kind of puts one in the mood to dash off for a few days away to enjoy this British rarity. I've been promised a trip to the seaside and am very excited. Not only of the prospect of having a couple Mediterranean style days away just hours from a drive from home. And the luxury of catching some sunshine without having to board the god forsaken last minute trauma inducing budget airlines,  and everything that goes along with it. And more importantly being able to use my new Topshop mock croc vanity case filled with lots of liquids, pastes and gels that wouldn't be allowed on the airline as hand baggage. ( This isnt a bag you check in, girlies.. it's one to flaunt , look chic and Grace Kelly-ish with) Pile in the bright and bold lipsticks that are so this season and now feeling appropriate and gorgeous eye palettes and nail varnish like Chanel Jade Rose for example - my nail shade tip of for this spring. My fantasy purchase for this weekend would definately be a pair of metal-cuffed leather sandals. I hadn't anticipated summer would arrive so early and doubt if I even had the funds available they would arrive from Net-A-Porter in time before being whisked off to the Great British coast. Happy Easter readers - have fun in the sun (but do make sure you apply lots of sunscreen!!)

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