Friday, 31 December 2010

Tonight It's Party Time...Party Time Tonight

Another year over. Gosh, where has this year gone? People, are you ready for 2011? And more importantly are you ready to see the night out in style tonight? Whatever you get up to whether its a flash cocktail party dressed in Isabel Marant's silver shiny one shouldered mini dress and heels, or a house gathering with friends swishing around in a forties vintage frock and satin ballet pumps or maybe you are planning to cosy-up on the sofa wrapped in cashmere knits and a mink stole. However you decide to spend this evening, dear readers- do have fun. Happy New Year!!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Santa Baby...

'Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree for me' How many times have we heard that opening line this month?
Too many perhaps. And did he deliver? It's a rather extensive and expensive list of furs, jewels, a car and even an apartment. I ask myself where on Eartha Kitt did she find him? Sounds a generous sort does old Santa Baby.. so if you happen to be passing in the South East London area tonight, Santa Baby here are a few little things you could slip under the tree for me....

Pommellato Tabou Rings

Lanvin Fur Earmuffs

Isabel Marant Richard Rabbit Coat

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Print Mash-Ups

I love a good mash up...Recently at a party on the Thames River in London, the intro to Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Till You Get Enough started playing and then quickly blended with Q-Tip's Breathe And Stop lyrics eased over the top. It's an old favourite in the clubs that play mash-ups but hadnt I heard it for ages. While dancing, I was thinking how great it was to get two songs for the price of one, so to speak, especially since our boat  was soon to dock and the party was nearly over. And also how clever the mix was. It shouldn't really work but it did. With great results. The same can be said of fashion at the moment. Why bother with a head-to-toe camel-beigey minimalist look when you can mash-up some great prints this season. Personally I am loving wearing a leopard print coat with a tonal tartan skirt one day or over a baby pink original 1960s print dress another. And it's not just me feeling the fash-up vibe, check the image from this season's Dries Van Noten catwalk show - A leopard print coat with a near on illuminous green floral skirt. On paper it sounds wrong, but on the runway looked fab. Stylists for the recent New York Lanvin for H&M show also had a good go too mixing up the prints with red leopard print tights and flouncy floral dresses. I have listened to the Q-Tip/Jackson mix three times whilst writing this and love it more each time. The same can be said of my desire to fash-it up this season. Abstract!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bring Me The Bling

Earrings by CA & Lou

Necklace by Erickson Beamon

Ring by Stephen Webster
 So what do you do on a week when you have a foot of snow outside and a sick child indoors? I had no chance of getting out this week apart from popping to the local convenience store. What else was I going to do in-between looking after my little daughter? Sort out all that old niggling paperwork? Clean and tidy the house from top to bottom? Yes to both of those but one can quickly tire of those type of mundane jobs.  By day three cabin fever was starting to set in and I was missing getting out and about, seeing what was happening in the world. More to the point missing out on vital style inspiration. So I got on the net to see what was going on. One internet site I can never tire of is the webstore arm of fabulous Florentine designer boutique, Luisa Via Roma. I have loved this site for a while and often check what's new online. After having recently purchased a gorgeous pair of Tom Binns earrings from their e-shop, I was keen to see what other great gems they had in store. So straight to the jewellery pages I went, quickly adding items to my christmas wish list. The great thing about their store is that shipping to Europe is free, and since I can't even get to my garden gate without seeming like a trek to Everest then the thought of having it delivered to my door is even better. Whether its a gift for someone else or you are just treating yourself, each purchase comes in a chic black box with luxury grosgrain ribbon. A beautiful package delivered right to the front door is certainly going to lift the spirits from being sat indoors all week. 
Check out the collections at