Sunday, 6 March 2011

Recent Decents


Bang Bang, 9 Berwick Street, London.
Balenciaga S/S 2002 catwalk shoe
Do you ever look back and think 'Oh I wished I had bought .....( such and such fashion item), because I'd still be using/wearing today with glorious gusto' Well? I often do. What I wouldnt do, still to this day, to actually find a matching pair of Balenciaga ankle strap sandals from the S/S 2002 collection. My heart skipped a beat when I found a single size 37 (my size) in a Milanese outlet shop a year later and for such a good price too!! I thought I had found those sandals that I had lusted over from the catwalk shots and seen pics of Cristina Ricci in a green pair whilst out and about . What you have to understand, dear readers, that while today Balenciaga is widely available in big city boutiques and department stores, in 2002 the brand was more difficult to come by. Even in London. So when I found them in Milan I thought I had it all sorted. But no... while one shoe was a 37 the other shoe to the pair was a size 40. Therefore totally ridic, unwearable and out of sync with the other shoe. Thinking back, I'm sure I threw the sales assistant one of my 'Good Luck With That' looks after she explained the reason for their deeply discounted price. I am ever the optimist and still hope that one day before I die or am too old to rock a pair of f*** off sexy heels,  I shall procure those shoes. And that is why I whenever I am passing London dress exchange shops, or Recent Decents as I call them I cannot resist to just have a quick look.  Not quite a vintage shop - most of the stock is still too early for that, but all the same full of interesting and gorgeous items. The difference is here is that their stock is bought from consumers willing to sell off recently purchased designer items they've become bored of, no longer fit or need.  Pieces are ususally in mint condition ( hence why the buyers of such boutiques are quite picky about how much or  little they will give you for your out-of-favour fashion, or even if they will buy it at all)  Last week in Bang Bang , a popular clothing exchange in Soho, you could pick up a pair of perfect condition Agent Provocateur red marabou bedroom mules for just 60 quid. The location of this little treasure trove is literally just a stone's throw from the Agent Provocateur Broadwick Street boutique, where a box fresh pair of Pom Pom mules will set you back £145.00. I know where I'm shopping for shoes that barely touch the boudior carpet!!!! The great thing about these shops is that if you do have something that they are interested in buying ( and do be prepared to be subjected to some humiliation - sellers are treated with an air of disdain if they don't like what you have to sell) then the best thing to do is get the double amount in vouchers. You will be offered a cash price for your item or double credit for spending in store. i.e if my S/S 2010 Celine tan sandals that I bought off the internet last summer that don't fit me properly can raise £30 then i'm sorted for the Agent Provocateur mules....
And in the style of London's fictitional yet most charming second hand dealer. I ask you in a Terry Tibbs tone 'Balenciaga strappy sandals, Spring/ Summer 2002?  Talk to me'
Also Visit Retro Woman, 20 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill, London. W11 3HK for more designer goods to buy or sell.

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