Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fringe Benefits

Little Fringe - Big Difference

J'taime Jane

There's nothing like a bit of impromptu spontaneity to boost the enthusiasm. Especially when it comes to a change of image. Best results when going for a new look are, when procrastination and pondering are omitted and the 'just go for it' attitude is in place. Take for example last Sunday evening. After a session in the pub followed by a party at friend's house, I urged my friend Andrea give me a new haircut once I spotted her hair scissors next to the kitchen sink. Andrea gave me one of her stunning 'half cut haircuts' reshaping my long boring brown hair into something easy yet sexy.  I wasn't expecting to start the week with haircut so different that for two days I was unrecognised by work colleagues! I now sport a long, full fringe which covers past my eyebrows and that whispers 'shy but foxy'.  Or when flicked out at the sides creates an on-trend 70s Charlie Girl look mixed-up with a jeune Jane Birkin. As well as the refreshing new look, I have also been discovering this week what the 'Fringe Benefits' are . I am worrying less about forehead worry lines since they are now hidden behind the fringe. I haven't had to worry about my eyebrows being constantly plucked to perfection either. I have spent the extra time experimenting with complimentary new make-up looks. I loved the beauty spread in the recent Sunday Times Style Magazine fashion special. Inparticular, the dramatic lower lid false lashes paired with a shocking pink glossy lip look. Vibrant reds, pinks and orange lipsticks were all over the catwalks this spring.  My new fringe will allow me to focus my lips and be bang on this season's beauty trends and wearing line of fake lashes below enhances the eyes in an unusual but modern way.
Sunday Times Style 6th March 2011

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