Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Alternative Christmas Tree

I have never been one for a traditional Christmas.
And while everyone around me is decorating their trees, I just can't get excited about something that is going to leave pine needles all over the floor, take up half of the lounge and give the cat something to attack and pull over in the middle of the night.
Although if I could create my fantasy Christmas tree it would be something like this...............

Imagine a hanging some Giles and Brother Spike earrings and a pair of gold ball earrings from Lee Angel from a branch? Better than any regular baubles and will look wicked at a New Years Eve party. Or how about the limited edition Comme Des Garcons 2 Glitter perfume. It is in my opinion a modern classic scent and this season packaged in a superb purple glitter bottle. This will bring some colour and sparkle to the tree. Instead of those red ribbon wrapped oranges that simply are a waste of an orange, how about lighting Diptyque's Oranger candle instead. The added bonus is that it is not going to turn to a sticky mush come Boxing Day. And I'd get rid of the tatty old fairy angel and replace her with a future collectors item. Barbie by Christian Louboutin is great choice for those with fetish or Gothic leanings.And lovers of classical sculpture will appreciate a Miss Lanvin 14 Doll sitting atop the tree.
Merry Christmas.

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