Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why Have Cotton? When You Can Have Ethical Silk.

Peace Silk and Nottingham Lace Teddy
 Indeed why not? With the constant price rise of cotton, buying silk seems more cost effective at the moment (should one take into account the cost-per-wear value and luxury investment equation) And what better in this organic-aware era than Ethical Silk. Also known as Peace Silk -  which eschews the old tradition of boiling a silk worm alive to extract the silk by letting the worm emerge from it's cocoon naturally before weaving. Lingerie label, Ayten Gasson has designed a small collection of vintage inspired lingerie using this new method of silk production. And as a double whammy of enviromental awareness she has trimmed these delightful pieces with reclaimed Nottingham Lace. Gorgeously sexy Tap Pants, Camisoles and Teddy's that not only make you feel good about yourself when wearing them, but also eases your conscience as no worms have been killed on your behalf and you have saved the enviroment just a little,  as the lace trims needed no new materials or new energy to produce. Now, that is another good reason why I would rather have silk.

Peace Silk and Nottingham Lace insert Tap Pants 

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