Thursday, 2 June 2011

Costume Drama

Bikini by Eres from the Cache Cache collection S/S 11
Being as I am bigger on the bust and smaller on the botty, swimwear brands that only sell bikins as sets have over the years caused me somewhat of a 'Costume Drama' . The frustration I endured while trying on luxury beachwear at a Pucci Boutique in Florence one year was both a comedy and a tragedy. Laughing at myself in the fitting room mirror in a 'Porn Fit' bra top that partnered  my correct knicker size and at the bra which fitted nicely with bottoms that could have housed an extra strength incontinence pad plus my bum and still would have been baggy.  The tragedy is of course that as Pucci (and many others) still insist on selling bikinis as a size set and not by bust and hip size, I will never have the opportunity to own such a chic piece of swimwear. The last time I owned a bikini that came as a size set I would have been twelve years old. As grown women we don't buy our underwear in this way, so why as adults should we have to buy our swimwear like a pre-teen? The only way I managed to blag myself a Missoni bikini was because I swapped the sizes in the fitting room (shh - don't tell) but those wise buggers at Pucci had the bra and bottom kimbled waist length together so no changing room swapping could occur. (Another Florentine comedy trying to get to get into the blooming thing!) But thank the lord for the French! Swimwear and lingerie label Eres will happily sell you a correctly fitting matching bikini top and the right size pants. Possibly as they are a well established brand of underwear they understand that most women won't fit a typical dress size when it comes to buying a bikini. Eres doesn't come cheap but it sure looks chic. My philosophy over the years is that if you are only going to wear two teeny tiny pieces of clothing then make sure they're good ones. My three year old baby pink Eres halter bikini is still wearing well and has certainly stunned them from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads.

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