Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Inspiration

Maison Martin Margiela Ostrich Feather Pen

The big debate amongst friends and colleagues this week has been 'What to give my loved one for St.Valentines day?' It's not like a birthday or Christmas when one is readily willing to present a gift and card. It's slightly trickier... Firsly, what to get? Most gift ideas for him or her would have been used up as Christmas gifts & stocking fillers with the giant gift-giving season just having passed only short while ago. The obvious choices of chocolates, champagne and flowers just seem a little tired, boring and an over used cliche. So what else is appropriate to exchange with a loved one over the candle-lit dinner table tomorrow night? And how much should we spend? And of course, how romantic should the gift be?

New Paris Style by Thames & Huson

Ok, so The Style Eye has ideas for those of you in this quandry. Think slighly quirky, fun and don't spend a fortune. On both counts, one must remember it's just a made-up day to remind the one you love you love them. You both know you do so a lighthearted token is totally sufficient here. How about a fancy Martin Margiela feather pen to inspire a flurry of hand written love notes throughout the year? Fun, functinonal and fairly resonable at £35.00 for a piece of an avant-garde fashion designer. If you didn't quite make it across the channel for dinner in Paris then how about browsing where cool Parisian folk maybe spending their Valentine's night in with Thames & Hudson New Paris Style interiors tome. And finally a cushion to cuddle up to, especially if it's printed with a dressed up version of their favourite pup!
Dachshund Cushion by Maison Trois Garcons. Other dogs and cats dressed as historical figures also available

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