Saturday, 10 April 2010

International Round-Ups Tartan and Plaid

Got a thing for The Highland fling? Then next season is for you. Tartan and plaids were a popular feature on the Autumn/Winter international catwalks. Starting with traditional weaves and patterns, designers then pushed the idea forward creating their own modernist slant on the Scottish fabric. At Markus Lupfer, a fitted mini dress was partly embroidered leaving a black rash effect and a decidedly punk feel to the overall look. Proenza Shouler faded and blurred their checks which made for an new and fresh take on the style. And at Jil Sander the cloth was cut in a new way to create a tartan mistmatch on a classic shell top and skirt, giving a new twist to simple silhouetted garments. With tartan and plaid having a revival next season it is also a great homage to the recently and dearly departed fashion and cultural innovators Mr McQueen and Mr Maclaren who were both so fond of the Scottish cloths.
Top left: Proenza Shouler
Top right: Jil Sander
Bottom right: Markus Lupfer

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