Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How to Fashionably Survive The Festival Season

The biggest event on the summer music festival calendar passed last weekend without the usual mudfest or lashings of rain. With the UK being in the middle of a fantastic heatwave at the moment, Glastonbury was spared of the classic British summer that normally sees revellers sloshing and skating around Pilton Farm. The festival season is with us for another 3 more months, and you can bet that this sudden spell of nice weather won't last as long as that. With that in mind, lets get some mud-defying outfits on stand-by in the rucksack. At Bestival '08 I made a great discovery and an excellent fashion choice to pack a pair of brand new leather trousers. I didnt take them off for 24hours (all I could bear to stay on The Isle of Wight in the horrific weather conditions!). By the time I reached home they had that perfectly worn-in look. And what a saviour they were. Whilst everyone else was peeling off there damp denims with no hope of every drying them out, I was warm and protected in my black skinny numbers. For more inspiration of how to wear this look, check out the spring catwalk collection from Balenciaga. Their sport-luxe combinations of leather hoodie gilet and trousers combo, will certainly have you looking stylish as well as ready for a spot or two of rain.
Pictures: Top left - Leather glittery trousers by Les Chiffoniers
Top right - Balenciaga S/S 10
Midle - Gilet from Topshop

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