Thursday, 1 September 2011

What To Wear A/W 11 - Styling

Marc Jacobs goes dotty for A/W 11

It's September and its now time to get a sense for the new season. Plus the fact that the autumn collections are already out there in the shops, boutiques and online ready for the purchasing. So what are the key pieces, hits and trends to embrace, buy and flaunt? The Style Eye has studied the international collections and indentified the best of What To Wear. 
Firstly, think about borrowing a little from every era from the 1940's to the 1970's and then mix it up in a big old melting pot to devise a new look for 2011. Make like Miu Miu and invest in a silk, shoulder padded  '40's style patterned tea dress for work or daytime. Pinch from a bunch of oversized polka dots and pois patterns from the 1950's. Get some '60s styling by way of a cocoon shaped coat with bracelet length sleeves. Steal from the '70s a big floppy hat, neat ladylike bag and a plum lip.
Think 60s when thinking outerwear this season

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