Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Style Eye LikesU

This Christmas, I have been very lucky to receive such an abundance of fabulous fashion and style coffee table books. And one of my favourites is the print version of the successful fashion website, Stylelikeu. Not only is it a great insight into the world real fashion, it is packed with beautiful images and short paragraphs from each of the subjects photographed, making it a quick, easy read for my time poor life.
The book peeks into the homes and wardrobes of cool folk, from the world's coolest cities- making it a kind of cross between The Selby and The Sartorialist. More importantly are the fashion and style quotes that the individuals live by, their own fashion mantras, if you like. Classic words of wisdom that work for them , whatever the fashion and style of the time may dictate.

"I think it's better to have a few really great pieces rather than have a whole bunch of garbage" Ashley Wick

"If you always shop to suit your style and body type, you'll always be able to wear everything in your closet" Magda Berliner
Ashley Shaw, summed up the meaning of how to dress for me - as I rolled out my French Connection sequinned shift for the third festive season in a row,  deciding how to style best to see in 2012, I remembered her words " Of course, I wear a lot of the same pieces all of the time but I never wear them the same way"

Ashley Shaw

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