Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Days Are Getting Shorter.....

...nights are getting long, girl'
They certainly are now that we have adjusted our clocks back one hour last weekend. Darkness falls in the U.K. around 4.30pm at the moment. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, in fact the opposite. It means that my latest beauty must have is getting a good airing. Ladies, let me introduce you to your winter make-up essential, The Dle Cosmetics All Natural LightUpGloss. This wonderfully innovative product looks like a regular lipgloss complete with mirror, that is,  until you open it. I know it's is Halloween today, but believe me this is no trick. Unscrew the cap and from inside it instantly lights up, aiding you to apply your lipstick with care and precision in the dark. LightUpGloss allows you to add a slick of moisturing gloss whilst avoiding all the horrors of ending up looking like the ghouls and witches that may knock on your door this evening looking for a treat. And talking of treats, here at The Style Eye, we are offering all our readers free shipping on all U.S. orders of All Natural LightUpGloss by using the code 'LiaLoves' when purchasing these products online.
One last little treat readers, Little Boy Blue by Little Buck  as 'Days are getting shorter, nights are getting long, girl......'

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