Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A/W 13 Scarf Styling

Early in 2013, we witnessed what seemed to be one of the coldest and cruelest winters in living memory. Getting dressed to any sort of stylish standard was the last thing on most people's mind. So, imagine then what it must be like for the legions of fashion superstars who attended the international collections, having to make more than an effort to look good in the driving snow and sub-zero temperatures. Most, if not all, I gather from the street style images, adhered to the ' Seventy per cent of body heat leaves through your head rule' and about ninety percent of those outside the shows popped on a knitted beanie or bobble hat variation.

Giovanna Battaglia
Miroslava Dumas
The other, roughly, ten per cent of popular fashion heroines, including Miroslava Dumas and Giovanna Battaglia opted for an old school classic - a printed silk square folded on the bias covering the head and tied at the chin. This look was inspiring as an alternative way to stop the snow from falling directly on to the head and to keep the warmth in, without being fashioned from wool or such like. Although, on the catwalk, the prize for one of the best uses of wool most certainly goes to Dries Van Noten and his university striped scarves. Tied at the neck in a feminine half bow, this look is the quirky and cool way to wear woolly scarves next Autumn/Winter 2013.

Dries Van Noten

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