Tuesday, 9 March 2010

This Charming Man

Whilst out and about in London recently I have spotted a new breed of Fashionisto. With their floppy quiff, turned-up 501 jeans, old men's cardies and Donkey jackets they reminded me of retro style icon Morrisey from his days in The Smiths. Expect to see these guys dashing around town this summer in baggy, rolled -up sleeved shirts in washed denim, stripes and floral prints .This spring the delicate and faded Liberty print has made a return and can be found on lace-up brogues and even rugs. My favourite spot however was the rail of vintage Cacharel and Naf-Naf shirts all lined up with ready-rolled sleeves in the Mint vintage shop in Covent Garden. Your one -stop shop to get the look of This Charming Man.
Top: Morrisey holds his hands up to instigating the recent look for London Lads.
Bottom: Liberty Print style shirts at Mint Vintage http://www.mintvintage.co.uk/

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