Tuesday, 11 May 2010

So This Is How We (Rocked and) Rolled.........

Well done to Deborah & co for providing us with the fabulous second installment to The Grand Vintage Attire Ball and Pageant. It is surely one of the best and fun filled alternative nights out in London . Attracting revellers from all walks of life whose love of a good dress up and dance come together to admire, inspire and even share style tips. Vintage Purists mixed with dressed-up dabblers in a friendly atmostphere exchanging addresses on where to source a great outfit or pointing out hairstylists who could sort you out with an authentic tricky up-do. Everyone remarked at how beautiful and charming The Rivoli Ballroom still looks after all these years with it's impressive crystal chandeliers and fully restored 1930s interior. With Minimalism being a big fashion buzzword right now its the perfect night off from clean lines and neutral palletes, giving an opportunity to bust out the beautiful, fantastic garments and accessories you've always dreamed of wearing but had no time or place to show them off. See you at the next event people!
Pictures: Top- Nell with boyfriend and tattoo supremo Johnny DeMonique and friend.
Middle left- The Gorgeous Nell compering the pageant
Middle right-A Peachy Anoushka from The Beehive, vintage clothing boutique in Greenwich with glam friend in the booths.

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