Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010 Beauty Review - The Return of The Rockabilly

Next winter beauty takes a trip back to the 1950's, with a particular reference to the mod-rocker styles of the era. The mood of this story was summed up perfectly at Isabel Marant's Autumn /Winter 2010 show. The collection comprises reworked fifties classics such as fitted jeans rolled-up mid calf and little faded denim jackets. Runway model, Ginta Lapina paraded the catwalk with a long swishy ponytail, exaggerated cats-flick eyeliner, and a little dotty knotted scarf around the neck to complete the retro look. Giambattista Valli echoed the mood with his models' eyes painted with thick liquid-ticks framed a full layer of false eyelashes and a stripe of white liner high on the cheekbone. This gave a modern edge to this otherwise classic make-up. Dsquared opted for the vamped up version of this look, pairing over-exaggerated wing shaped black and midnight blue eyeshadow with a strong red lip. For those of you whose make-up artistry skills can't quite master the perfect liquid eyeliner, check out and cheat with a pair of Shu Uemura Egerie leather cased false eyelashes. A glossy eye line extension and finished off with a dotting of Swarovski crystals, they are an effective way to achieve instant fifties glamour. At Dolce Gabbana, velvet red lips and thick strong brows was the message they were sending out for next season's make-up. Since eyebrow threading has become so widely available, fashion conscious types are having a rebellious moment and shying away from the slim arched shapes so recognisable of the threading technique. Make-up artists are starting to groom eyebrows into more angular shapes similar to those of the screen sirens of the 1950s and London girls who are always quick to pick up on a new trend have been spotted sporting heavy pencilled brows squared off in the middle to complement their cute quiffed fringes. Hairstyles are also taking influence from this era. This spring-summer's Dolly top knot evolves into a rockabilly bun for next winter. The best examples of this quiff up-do were at Fendi where the models' hair was piled to the top of the head, twisted and pinned to fall and flop over the forehead giving the illusion of a teddy boy fringe.
Pictures: Top - Dsquared a/w 2010
Middle left- Shu Uemura Egerie false eyelashes
Middle right - Audrey Hepburn inspires the shape for on trend eyebrows
Bottom - Fendi a/w 2010

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