Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Spring in Your Step

According to my favourite shoe repair man in Timpson's, this spell of nice weather is here to stay, right up until the middle of September (Got to love him for his optimism, personally I am pessimist when it comes to expecting a Great British Summer) Although, if his meteorological sources are correct in their forecasting for the coming months, then now is the time to invest in some summer sandals. Whilst waiting for the appropriate weather to kick in, I have been collating a page filled with sandals that work well with the mood of fashion this of season. Firstly think chunky. Platform soles and heavy rectangle heels are a modern complement to the goddess dresses and tops that are key trend this spring. Although ,when wearing with drapey dresses do avoid styles with straps to the ankle or calf otherwise it can end up looking like an ancient Roman/Grecian cliche. Styles with a wooden sole and heel like the Tods Sacha (Top far right of collage) make a great day or evening shoe. Wear, as styled in the collage with socks and added with an 'A' line skirt for daytime . They look just as glam and sexy in the evening paired with a perfect pedi. If you have had enough of extremely high heels then go for something with a more wearable height. The lovely named 'Lia' sandal from Topshop ticks all the trend boxes for this summer . They are 'so me' that I am starting to think they designed them with me in mind. It's also the first thing ever that I have come across with my name on it, and I love them. Right down to the colour and of course the purse friendly price. This type of sandal is also good complement to all the utility clothing around right now. Cargo style shorts and trousers are back this summer. Cropped and rolled up cargo trousers had their moment around 8 years ago and were matched with a stiletto sandal or the classic Balenciaga S/S 02 runway sandals. It's too soon to recreate that total look now without feeling dated. By wearing with something new like the Miu Miu silk printed shoes for example, it creates a fresh vibe for 2010 cargos. Or go modern retro. Its not too soon to dig out the old Candie's mules and clogs from the mid-90s. Seen on the model in the collage here in nude and if you need further reference, check out first the scene with the Mayor's girlfriend in the iconic movie The Big Lebowski. She is wearing green Candies while painting her toes with the same shade of emerald from 90s beauty must-have Hard Candy nail polish. While this was all very cool in the nineties, for 2010 I would recommend a nice coral or classic red nail polish on the toes. Paul and Joe No15 nail enamel works well with tan and nude shoes while YSL's red No2 is so classic it works with just about any sandal shade.
Pictures: Top - Spring/Summer Sandal Collage
Middle: The Topshop 'Lia' Sandal

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