Sunday, 5 February 2012

The 'Sjujsch'

Alexa Chung

B&B Texture Creme
Ladies, it's time to ditch the electrical hair appliances. Be free and store all your straighteners, rollers and curling wands for another day, for this is the season of The 'Sjujsch'. Although, do keep the blow dryer in easy reach to perfect an imperfect hairstyle. Formerly known as 'bedhead' or 'tousled' this hairstyle requires simple management. Championed by international style-setters such as Alexa Chung, Caroline Seiber and Lou Doillon, this hairstyle may look a bit messy and a fashion contrast to their chic high fashion looks, but their 'do's' are never more than six weeks away from a professional cut and colour.Starting with a great easy cut - say a long bob with an optional fringe and well-placed layers, wash and rough dry hair, followed by a smoothing down with a tiny blob of serum and blow dried into place. Then go for it and 'Sjujsch' away with your finishing product of choice. How to Sjujsch? choose from backcombing and lifting from the roots followed by a spritz of Elnett, or scrunch curl and flip around with Bumble and Bumble's Texture Creme or simply tousle with mousse. 
Caroline Seiber

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