Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dior For A New Age

'Dior the world's most outstanding brand name, ever evolving and ever true to itself, at the same time baroque and classic. It is my good fortune, twice a year on the runways and in visits to our haute couture ateliers, always to encounter a fresh face of Dior, never knowing in advance what that face will be'
Bernard Arnault. Dior 60 Years Of Style.

And with Raf Simons, who is the newly appointed artistic director of Dior, what will that face be next?

The New Look and The new New Look?
Above Dior's New Look from 1947
and adjacent Raf Simons final collection for Jil Sander A/W 12
 Recent Dior collections, under the helm of John Galliano, Dior has become the by-word for sumptuous, luxurious, maximalist glamour. How will Simons, who has spent the last seven years at Jil Sander and famous for his clean lines and love of minimalism keep the customer happy?
Way back in 1947 when Christian Dior opened his couture doors, and the famous New Look was de-rigeur, it was soon that these ideals began filtering through to mainstream fashion. The October 1948 edition of Elle proclaimed 'Pare down, trim, refine, strip away and adopt the new New Look'
So, it seems the label will run a full circle. From being designed by Dior himself, followed by Yves Saint-Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and then John Galliano, The New Look aesthetic will surely evolve into the new New Look under Simons direction.
The fashion world waits for this summer's Dior couture collection with huge excitement for Simons' debut at the long established and world renowned house of fashion.

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