Thursday, 26 April 2012

Return Of The Mac

There is still a little uncertainty to what actually brought the 160 year old, British brand, Acquascutum into recent administration. Although if one looks at the situation logically and note how dry the previous winters have been then, fundamentally one could say perhaps the demand for raincoats has diminished somewhat. Seeing as rain wear was what made the brand famous, Acquascutum, translated from the latin for water shield, was named this after the company developed the first waterproof wool. 

Acquascutum spring 2012. Get it while you can!
 And how ironic that this spring, as parts of the U.K. find itself in severe drought should we be having one of the rainiest weeks in a very long time.
This calls for a 'Return of the Mac' - excuses for quoting such a banal song, but it did seem rather fitting yesterday morning while searching in my coat wardrobe for the appropriate outerwear .
The result was a rather old Topshop raincoat, which seemed a little tired and dated, therefore inspiring a quick look online to see which styles better suited the Spring of 2012.
Firstly, a quick skim at this spring's Acquascutum collection. Such a shame the brand will be no more as personally, I found the whole collection to be very pleasing and would love to own one of their mid-length black vinyl raincoats. Then on to browse another British outerwear heritage brand, Daks, to see what they had on offer. A cute, smart and practical navy duffle coat caught my eye and possibly a great investment seeing as the weather forecasters predict more rain for at least another month. On the high street, Topshop has some fun styles. Coloured plastics macs, some see-through to reveal the outfit underneath and a couple with crochet linings - a little nod to the cut-outs and lace trends seen on the Louis Vuitton catwalk for spring.

Daks Hepworth navy duffle

Topshop clear plastic rain mac

Such a shame the rains didn't come sooner. Aquascutum and it's lovely collection of watershields may have survived this current economic climate.

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