Thursday, 10 May 2012

Here We Go Loubi Lou....

The shoe circus has come to town, courtesy of The Design Museum and Christian Louboutin!

A 20 year retrospective of this modern Shoe-Meister's work is now on display in London until July 9th.
Before becoming one of the world's most respected footwear labels, Louboutin, spent time working behind the scenes at Les Folies Bergere in Paris. This is where Christian found his love for theatrical design, which is still predominant in his collections today. Famous for being the shoes with the red soles, Louboutin isn't just an expert in this chosen field. Louboutin took gardening leave to become a,.. err..gardener, in fact, in the nineties.
A show well worth a visit. A black curtained section of the exhibition space is parted to reveal the Fetish aspects of his work. Open to all, is a space dedicated to Louboutin's sketchbooks, swatches and inspirations. And a must see at the exhibition are the film installations and the Burlesque show on a big screen. Sit back on the plush red seating and watch Dita do her thing, and finally metamorphasise into a giant sparkly shoe! Que Spectacle!

Lets take a moment to return to the classics. Of all the shoes on display these simple Helmut shoes from 2004 in calfskin specchio were my favourites.

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