Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Future's Bright....

..But it certainly is not Orange!
Not with the amount of skin brightening products available on the beauty market this year.
Brightening lotions are the buzz word of 2012.
Paul and Joe Brightening Lotion
 Last year it was all about the BB cream, that is, basically a 5-in-1 beauty balm that aims to protect, prime, moisturise and add a little base colour - all in one tube. I was sold.  Especially for an inward facing day (ie scruffy day working from home sans make-up). And when the school run hour looms BB cream plus sunglasses and a slick of lipstick definately does the trick!  
Brightening creams, serums and lotions are for a different purpose though. Their aim is to clarify the skin and (hopefully) eventually diminish the dark pigementations and blemish scars over time, leaving you clear and fair of face.
But when to fit it all in? 
Already my morning consists of moisturing with a sun factor 50 and the recently launched wonder product, Hourglass no.28 Primer Serum then followed by make-up (for an outward facing day - you get the gist - hair done, heels on, uptown top rankin')
And then I discovered Paul and Joe Brightening Lotion . This acts in place of a toner with added benefits. Those being the brightening aspect plus it can also be used on a cloth as a face mask.
A perfect solution for a perfect complexion.
Visit the Paul and Joe counter in Fenwicks, Bond Street for a skin consulation on the full range of Brightening products.

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