Wednesday, 30 May 2012

'Trashion - we are the Goon squad and we're coming to town'

As seen in last Sunday's Style Magazine.
 Ha, yes! I said to myself when I saw listed in The Sunday Times, Style Magazine 'Going Up - Going Down' column - 'Trashion - it ain't cheap, but it's a cheap look' Especially since it was illustrated so perfectly with a pair of horrid hooker platform pumps. I was thinking the very same thing whilst walking past The Bank of England the other evening . I spied a city chick wearing a similar pair of atrociously ugly footwear and thought - 'why here in the financial centre of London, a place where billions of pounds sterling are traded daily, should somebody right in the middle of all this money, look so cheap? It's not a new thing though. Who could forget the British ex-soap star dressed head to toe in Burberry check with matching child and pushchair? Her look must have totalled to a tidy sum - but, god damn, she looked a cheap mess! So why do people with plenty of disposable income repeat these fashion crimes? I think, put plainly, it's an addiction. Addicted to wanting and needing more until its exhausted, ruined and looks quite frankly comical.  Paying through the nose (see ex-soap star here) only to end up looking cheap and trashy is not clever or cool. It shows up a million insecurities of the wearer, and not that you might have a million in the bank.

Trashion Icon 

So in this era of double dip recession and austerity measures, let us remember, people to look more stylish, modern and expensive.... LESS IS most definitely MORE 2012.

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