Saturday, 2 June 2012

Loverly Jubilee

The excitement in London has been setting in for weeks, and finally its here - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee! wee hee!
A party 60 Years in the making apparently - so you'd better be looking good, people.
Now may I be so bold to suggest that perhaps donning any old thing of a generic red, white and blue may be a tad obvious. Lets take a different tack....
Her majesty is oft described as being a British style icon, so lets get inspired by her classic regal looks, turn them up a notch with a subversive slant and see how we go -
We've had a lovely run of weather lately, inspiring confidence to purchase a flimsy frock and summer footwear to wear to our cordial invites for tea on the lawn and street parties, then just as the weekend approaches so does a forecast of downpours and ferocious winds - great!

Miu Miu's modern take on the Queen's favourite - A duster coat.
 Make like Her Maj and top off your outtfit with a duster coat - you'll need it if Michael Fish is correct, (although he has been known to make a mistake or two). There are A-line coats ahoy this season that could easily warrant a royal approval.  Check out the desirable offerings from Miu Miu and Dolce Gabbana, and while you are there also take note of the Miu Miu chandelier earrings that could pass muster for a royal occasion. Personally, I think you could do no wrong with in anything by the Queen of British Fashion. Dame Vivienne Westwood's collections always fly the flag for these very english affairs and are so timeless that you'll be wearing them long after bank holiday on June 5th. And for the post-punk generation with a sense of wit, why not try tee that is a pastiche on the Jamie Reid /Sex Pistols album cover artwork?
Have a Happy Jubilee... And don't forget the brolly!

Tee with the Queen?

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