Friday, 29 October 2010

Spice Up Your Life

Happy Accidents! Where would be without these little things that start off as being a problem and then evolve into something we couldn't do without. The iconic red soles of much the coveted Christian Louboutin shoes started off as a happy accident. After working on creative ways to match the soles to the design of the footwear, Louboutin grabbed a red Chanel nail varnish of an assistant who was working in his studio and painted the sole of a shoe that he felt was otherwise too dark to complement the overall look. And there we have it.. a unique selling point and trademark that is recognised instantly by his adoring shoe fans. My happy accident of last weekend is a rather simple one, but nevertheless effective and handy when on a night out. In the ladies loos at a recent gig, I needed a little flush to the cheeks after going a bit overboard with undereye concealer. Nars Multiple in Orgasm, my usual go-to product for a touch of colour and sheen on the cheeks wouldnt fit into my little evening purse so, I pencilled on three little cat whisker stripes of my Mac Spice lipliner to see if that would give me the little lift my cheekbones needed. Once rubbed in it did indeed do the job, and I was swiftly complemented by the ladies at the next vanities who both tried it and loved it. My advice for this weekend, girls, is that you don't always have to have an Orgasm , just try Spice-ing up your life a now and again.

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