Monday, 18 October 2010

Stocking Up

Henry Holland for Pretty Polly

Topshop 'Love' Tights

'Tis getting rather chilly out there now and about time to start stocking up on this season's hoisery and tights. Last winter, the hottest legwear trend was all about the swiss dot style stocking, as popularised by Balenciaga's 2009/2010 catwalk presentation. It was the first time in years that a sheer ten denier tight had been seen in mainstream fashion for a long time. After years of the standard-for-winter black opaque tights, a lighter, smoother finish on the legs seemed just right for last year, and this autumn the humble ten denier pushes this ideal even further by being splattered with patterns and trompe l'oeil effects .With clothing and fashion becoming more and more clean and minimalist, it's no wonder that style experimentation has moved onto tights making an fashion impact to an otherwise simple outfit. It's the perfect way to stylishly dodge the bothersome recession too. The majority of these fancy pantyhose cost around £12.00 tops, so its an economical way to make a style statement on a budget. Styles to look out for this season are the back seamed versions and I'm particularly fond of the 'Love' style from Topshop. Henry Holland's collection for Pretty Polly are pretty cool too. The trompe l'oeil Suspender style will keep the boys entertained for hours trying to figure out ' is she or isn't she wearing a garter belt' much to their (and your) fascination. On a trompe l'oeil tip, take a look at the Bonny tights by Les Queues de Sardines from Luna and Curious complete with a hand gun in garter..  just for fun of course!

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