Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Glove Love
Red Lips and Nail Tips. Top image by Nagel
The Great British weather is a funny old thing. Last Wednesday, which was the first week of November, I sat out on the garden bench basking in the warm air and sunshine. Just less than a week later, I have a sore throat and chill from the sudden drop in temperature and frequent blustery gusts of wind ,which hit London over the weekend. Last week, a warm winter coat was enough to see me through the day and night. Now its's time to pull out all of the winter accessories. Hats, scarves, ear muffs, and of course gloves. And, secretly I have been waiting for this day since last February's London Fashion Week , where I discovered a new brand of artisan glove makers from France called Aristide. I have been in 'glove love' ever since. The collection comprises of beautifully handcrafted gloves ranging from a leather studded and bow driving style to elbow length leather and flower applique opera gloves. Luxurious finishes and details with quirky and unique designs make for literally wearing your art on your sleeve without looking over the top or ridiculous. A pair of chic and stylish gloves with a twist will add a touch of interest to this seasons miminalist trends. Wear the wrap studded style with a bracelet length sleeved coat to give a focus point to your winter outerwear look. Or bridge the gap on the exposed arms of an on- trend camel cape with the tan puched-out star and black finger tipped mid length design. And when night falls, dress up the old faithful LBD this christmas with the black with red nail tips and lips design. The added bonus is here that it comes complete with perfectly manicured and appliqued red nail tips. Ideal during the party season when festivities take over the calendar leaving little time for a trip to the nail bar. For more information and images go to
Aristide studded leather driving gloves. Image by Nagel.

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