Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Beauty Budget Buys

When it comes to beauty there are some things you just simply shouldn't scrimp on. Fragrance, foundation and face brushes I feel are always a good investment when you spend a little more and will have a longer bathroom shelf life than their cheaper counterparts.
Some products though can be replaced with a more economical version and not just on a budget month. Have you checked out the Original Beauty Formula range at Boots yet? It's great. I am loving the Damask Rose Skin Tonic. Smells divine, does the job and costs £3.89 for 150ml. The range boasts vintage style packaging which is sure to look good on any vanity unit.
Also from Boots are their own beauty brand No7 eyeshadows. Mink is a fab neutral blending shade for day or evening and would give a similar MAC eyeshadow a run for its money. (£7.00 to be exact) Creamy Facial Foam by Paul and Joe may not be the cheapest rinse-off cleanser on the market at £12.00 although seems to last forever (well probably over 6 months or so). A small pea-sized amount is all you need every time you use it. Be careful though how much you do use as it does exactly what it says on the tin and foams up like mad on contact with water. I love a classic red nail polish and at Revlon they do about 3 shades of classic reds that suit all skins with the added benefit of intense colour, long-lasting and hard-wearing.

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