Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow Style

Yes, yes I know its Budget Month on The Style Eye. But this is an emergency. It just will not stop snowing out there and I just had to let you all know how plough through it in style. Unfortunately for Budget Month the good snow apparel doesn't come cheap. Although, dear readers look at it as an investment. It looks like snow will be a regular occurance on our winter calendar so shelling out now on good staples will see you through many years to come. According to the Ask Hadley column in the Guardian this week she says 'January isn't about looking sexy, it's about staying in and watching box sets' Nope! not at The Style Eye it ain't. So here are my suggestions on how to do a sexy snow filled January.
Firstly lets get sorted on the stockings. Lowie do a pair of the cutest crocheted overknee cashmere socks with little button detailing and Antipast do a fabulous range of intarsia overknees. And who could deny that the monglian fur and leather gilet by Thomas Wylde isnt superbly warm and sexy? well I couldn't and I would wear it with a pair of skintight leather trousers and Hunter Wellies for that cool, sexy and practical look. These little performance ankle snow boots are very practical too . As well as looking as chic as a snow boot possibly could, they are small enough to fit in a large handbag for that 'get me there and then change into other shoes' scenario. They also cost £48.00 so are in keeping with our budget special this month. Another essential is a pair of rabbit fur earmuffs. I am a big fan and they also muffle out all those silly comments about two badminton bats and parking an aircraft etc etc.
Now The Style Eye doesn't usually agree with down or duvet style coats but when it comes from the designer arm of performance skiwear specialists Moncler then we have to give in a little to the quilted coat. Just look at how gorgeously fabulous the latest offerings from their Moncler Gamme Rouge collection . Glamourously fifties and vintage looking and a million miles away from looking like you just left the house with your bedclothes wrapped round you.
Now all you boys out there, tell me isnt this better than a blanket with sleeves and a box set on the sofa?

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