Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lounge for Less

January as we all know can tend to be a bit of a dull month. Lack of funds and fun is usually how most people see in the in first month of the year which in turn spawns on a human form of semi-hiberntion. After doing some research I have found that pyjamas and loungewear are usually what most girls are longing to change into when they come home of an evening. This is all very well if you happen to be lucky enough to own something silkily luxurious and loungey. Labels like Carine Gilson or Agent Provocateur offer kimonos and pyjamas which allow you to feel comfortable as well as making you look and feel like a silver screen glamourpuss. (exactly how you deserve to feel after a hard days work with sub-zero temperatures outside.) Although these brands are well pricey and the theme of this month on The Style Eye is to seek out similar for much less.
While searching for comfortable but stylish pyjamas on the high street I was ecsatic to find a pair of kimono wrap and trouser combination for just under £22.00 at H & M. They are beautifully cut and available in boudoir shades of black or old rose. For those of you who prefer to wear a little less at nighttime then head to Topshop. I spotted this frilly bed jacket (£25.00) and matching french knickers (£12.00) online and in-store.
Therefore leaving plenty in the kitty to splurge on a huge heart shaped box of chocolates to pick at while watching a classic Busby Berkeley movie.

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