Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bold Beauty - Make-Up Looks For Spring/Summer 2011

I had my first 'pleasure browse' of the year around the stores and boutiques of London this week. It has been ages since I have had the luxury to do this. What with being snowed in for most of December and any possible shopping trips were used on sourcing items to fill other people's stockings. I was looking forward to getting into town and checking out what was new for this year. Have to say I didn't get very excited at the last unwanted dregs of the sales, or a little selection of transitional items, and worst of all I was most distraught to find out that Liberty are closing down their lovely lingerie department. So armed with just one purchase of a 2011 Smythson diary I decided to visit my make-up artist friend, get made up, leave the shops and go and meet friends for a drink. Yoshi, from Paul and Joe beauty counter decided that we go for a double faced look, i.e accentuated eyes and lips. After seasons of beauty experts telling us to either play up the eyes and go pale on the lips, or pairing a vibrant lip with a mellow eye, for this season the rules have changed. For those of you shuddering at the thought of looking like the rude and over made department store make-up consultant played Annabella Weir from The Fast Show or worse a pantomine dame, here are a few pointers how to achieve this look with style and grace. Take a cue from the latest Louis Vuitton ad campaign and the catwalk beauty shots from the Miu Miu Spring show. The key to making this beauty look work is to keep the skin flawless and pale (bye, bye bronzer) and use no blusher (as seen on the Vuitton campaign) or just a flush of pale pink under the cheekbone (Miu Miu) . Lastly keep the brows as light as possibe. Big, dark, thick brows are the trademark look of many a Widow Twankey, exactly what should be avoided when wearing both a bold eye and lip combination. Now a new make-up look. That is something to get excited about whilst we await the spring clothing collections to hit the rails.

Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2011

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