Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day Bag Detox

Miu Miu Crocodile stamped mini wallet
                                      Look at the girl here in these pictures. She looks like she is out for the day with little more than an iconic Hermes Constance bag. What a lucky girl she is to own one of these gorgeous handcrafted handbags and how has she managed to go out for the day with just a few things than it can only hold? Whilst everyone around me is detoxing their bodies this January, all I am considering is to detox my handbag and to rid myself of all the unnecessary items I daily haul around on my shoulder. I would love to own a little Constance but funds won't allow, but love the idea of a smaller, ladylike purse to use daily. On my fashion shopping list is to find a similar style, perhaps vintage, that I can wear to perfectly accessorise the 'Charlie Girl' mood of this coming spring. Although ,some serious downsizing of contents will have to be addressed. A smaller purse will have to be used in this bag as my current Miu Miu wallet wouldn't even fit in there. And why do I need a purse full of library cards and my current passport in there anyway? (Am I expecting to be whisked away to foreign climes at any given moment? no I don't think so) I'm loving the idea of this Miu Miu croc stamped mini wallet. Smaller in size and still big on style and quality. Same goes for make-up. My beauty purse is full of daily essentials that could easily be exchanged for this neat Nars zip up compact, which includes an on trend bronze eyeshadow, the popular eye shade for spring. With some precise packing, I reckon there is just enough room left for an i-Phone and a set of keys. Feels good to detox doesn't it?

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